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Device to Prove The Law of Reflection of Light

Device to Prove The Law of Reflection of Light

The Simple Device That Proves The Law of Reflection.

The present era is the era of science and computer. Analytical power, research, and the need for entertainment are also growing in men. The value of time has increased a lot. It is very important for the students to accelerate their learning skills and make them relative to time. Keeping in view this need of students, I started to publish curiosity series. Here in this post, I am going to teach you to make a device to prove the Law of Reflection of Light. You can use this science model as your science project in your school.

Necessary Materials – Device to Prove Law of Reflection of Light

These are the materials that will be necessary for your school science project to prove the Law of Reflection Light in a very simple and understandable way.

  • A piece of plywood with a length of 20-25 cm & the breadth of 10-12 cm and a block of common wood with the length and breadth of 20-25 cm and 8-10 cm respectively.
  • Two blocks of common wood with the length and breadth 5cm and 2cm each respectively.
  • 10-12cm small bamboo-pipes or caps of ball pens.
  • A small and slight long plane mirror.
  • Al foil or the shining paper that is used in the packet of cigarettes.
  • Pen, Torch.

Method: How to Make this Device?

Make a small stool of the blocks of wood as shown in the picture.

Device to Prove The Law of Reflection of Light
Model: Device to Prove The LAW OF REFLECTION OF LIGHT

Cut out a semicircular piece of plywood. Set the semicircular piece at the back of the stool. Mark the piece by measuring, angles of 0°, 10°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 150°, 180° on it with a protractor. Set the mirror on the stool and stick the bamboo pipes (or the pen-caps with both ends open) on the piece of plywood in the marks of 30° to 150°. Stick or tie the pieces of shining paper on the tops of the pipes at 30°, 45°, and 60°. The shining part of the paper should be turned to the pieces. When the torch is switched on and focused on the opening of the piece at 150°, the light is seen on the piece of shining paper at 30°. Similarly, when the torch is focused on the tops of the pipes at 135° and 120°, the light is seen on the paper at 45° and 60° respectively. When it is focused at 0°, the light passes over 180° and when placed at 90°, the light is seen in no pipe, i.e., the light gets reflected vertically through the same pipe.

Reason: How This Simple Device Proves the Law of Reflection?

According to the law of Reflection of light, since the angle of incidence∠i = angle of Reflection ∠r, the light gets reflected forming an angle equal to whatever it is focused on.
Good luck with your Project. Please comment on your feedback regarding this project and tell us your suggested topics.

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