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Cells – Structure and Parts | Science Lesson Plan

In this post, you will get a ready-made science lesson plan for Teaching. The topic of this science lesson plan is Cells – Structure and Parts. This lesson plan will be very helpful for those who are pursuing B.Ed. for their teaching practices in science subjects in class 8. PDF of this science lesson plan on cells is also available.

Cells – Structure and Parts | Science Lesson Plan

Science Lesson Plan on Cells – Structure, and Parts for B.Ed.

If you pursuing B.Ed. then it is very important to learn how to make a lesson plan properly for any subject. Without a lesson plan, you will not be allowed to practice teaching in your B.Ed. course. For that, you will need to make a lot of lesson plans on various topics during your teaching practice day.

So, to help with that I have published various science lesson plans for the science subject. In this post, I have given a complete science lesson plan on the topic Cells – Its Structure and Parts. This topic is taken from the Class 8 NCERT science textbook. This lesson plan on cells and their structure is for 40 min class.

Also, this science lesson plan is not only for those who pursuing B.Ed. but for science teachers also. This lesson plan is made for the chapter “Cells – Structure and Functions” of class 8. So, while teaching the first part of the lesson a science teacher will be able to use this lesson plan.

Cells – Structure and Functions Lesson Plan | Class 8 NCERT | For B.Ed.

Before we start this science lesson plan of Cells – Structure, and Parts, please read the following abbreviation which will be used in the given lesson plan.

  • S – Steps
  • TA – Teacher’s Activities
  • PA – Pupils’ Activities
  • TP – Teaching Point
  • LO – Learning Outcomes
  • MS – Micro-Teaching Skills

Overview of the Lesson Plan:

Please have a quick overview of this science lesson plan on cells.

  • Name of the Chapter: Cells – Structure and Functions
  • Name of the topic: Cells – Structure and Parts
  • Class: VIII
  • Time: 40 min class

Identification of Data:

Class: VIII
No. of Students:
Average Age: 13+
Time: 40 minutes
Subject: Science
Topic: Cells – Structure and Parts
Textbook: Science NCERT
Teacher’s Name:

General Objectives:

The general objectives of this lesson plan are similar to the lesson plan on plants. Basically, you can write these general objectives in any science lesson plan.

Specific Objectives:


  • (i) Pupils will be able to name the discoverer of the cell.
  • (ii) Pupils will be able to define terms like cell, unicellular and multicellular organisms.
  • (iii) Pupils will be able to name the basic structural unit of the cell. 


  • (i) Pupil can explain about cells, types of cells.
  • (ii) Pupil can be able to give examples of Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
  • (iii) Pupils will be able to differentiate between unicellular and multicellular organisms.


  • (i) Students will be able to analyze the functions of cells.


  • (i) The students will be able to draw the diagram of plant cell and animal cells.

Teaching Aids:

  1. General teaching aids: Chalk, Black Board, Textbook, Duster etc.
  2. Specific Teaching Aids: A Chart (Diagram of Cells)


Entering the classroom with a smiling face, the teacher will re-arrange the classroom if necessary. In order to introduce the day’s lesson, the teacher will ask the following questions –  

(a) What is the basic structural unit of a wall?  
(b) What are the different organs present in our body?  
(c) What is the basic structural unit of a living organism?  
The students will welcome the teacher.    

The students will give the answer

Announcement of the Topic:

        After getting the expected responses the teacher will say that – Different sets of organs perform various functions. In this class, we shall learn about the basic structural unit of an organ, which is the cell. The teacher will announce the topic and write it down on the blackboard.


The teacher will ask the students to note down the topic.


Lesson Plan on "Cells - Structure and Functions" for B.Ed.
Presentation of The Topic – Cells – Structure & Parts
Class 8 Chapter 8 Lesson Plan PDF
Lesson Plan on Cells – Structure & Functions
Lesson Plan on Cells PDF for B.Ed.


The teacher will consolidate the main points with the students and will write the following question on the blackboard as their homework and will ask the students to note it down.  
Q1. Write the difference between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells.  
Q2. Differentiate between Unicellular and Multicellular Organisms.         

After the students write, the teacher will clean the board and leave the classroom.
The students will cooperate with the teacher.        

Students will write down the homework.

B.Ed. Science Lesson Plan PDF – “Cells – Structure and Parts”

I have given the 40 min class lesson plan for a science period in class 8. The above lesson plan may not work properly viewable on all devices. So, I have attested the PDF of the above science lesson plan which is on the topic cells and their structure and functions.


The above lesson plan PDF has 6 pages. You click the up and down arrow on the toolbar to view the next pages. Browse our website to find various lesson plans for your B.Ed. course.

Also, note that the format of this lesson plan might not be exactly similar to the format used in your B.Ed. college. So, verify the format and make the necessary changes. Also, I believe that you will be able to make a lesson plan for any topic after reading this.

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