[Best] 20+ English Lesson Plan for B.Ed. PDF

Are you searching for a bulk Lesson Plan for the English subject? Here you will get more than 20 English lesson plans for B.Ed. practical Files and practice teaching. This lesson plan will be beneficial if you are pursuing B.Ed. course or you an English subject teacher.

20+ Sample lesson plans for English Subject for B.Ed.

B.Ed. Lesson Plans for English Subjects Free PDF

As a B.Ed. pursuing students you have to learn how to make lesson plans properly. Whether you are studying Science, Mathematics, English, or any method paper under your B.Ed. course you have to make lesson plans for your own method paper.

Here in this post, I have given 40+ English lesson plans for B.Ed. which will be very helpful if you are getting any difficulties in making your own lesson plan. These English lesson plans which are made for B.Ed. courses contain topics from chapters as well as grammar.

These lesson plans are made for secondary-level classes. Topics are taken from the NCERT English textbook for different classes like – class 10, class 9, etc. Also, these Lesson plans for English Subjects will make it easier in making your B.Ed. lesson plan practical files.

20+ Ready-made English Lesson Plan For B.Ed. Practical Files

Below I have given the list of English lesson plans which you will find on our website. These lesson plans are ready-made for B.Ed. peer teaching, practice teaching, and submit in your B.Ed. practical files.

Sl. No.Lesson Plan TopicClassLink
1A letter to GodXClick Here
2A Tiger in the ZooXClick Here
3AmandaXClick Here
4FogXClick Here
5The lake Isle of InnisfreeIXClick Here
6The sound of Music (Unit III, IV & V)IXClick Here
7The InterrogativesIXClick Here
8The Sound of Music (Unit I & II)IXClick Here
9Rain on the RoofIXClick Here
10A Legend of the North Land (IV, V & VI para)IXClick Here
11A Legend of the North Land (I, II & III para)IXClick Here
12Mystery of the Talking FanVIIClick Here
13The RebelVIIClick Here
14Garden SnakeVIIClick Here
15The SquirrelVIIClick Here
16TreesVIIClick Here
17The and the CricketVIIIClick Here
18How the Dog found himself a new masterVIClick Here
19Who Did Patrick’s Homework?VIClick Here
20BeautyVIClick Here

These English lesson plans are made for 45 – 55 min class. Also, the format of the lesson plans may or may not be 100% similar to the format used in your institution. I have given these lesson plans just to reduce your work and save time in preparing a bulk lesson plan of English.

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