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An Essay On The Topic – My Aim In Life

“My Aim in Life” – This is not a new topic that comes into the examination for writing an Essay. This topic is very common anywhere, in any school. So, here is an essay in more than 500 words on the topic “My Aim in Life”. This Essay will help the students to learn a good essay on their aim. Also, they can replicate this essay on their examination.

An Essay On The Topic - My Aim In Life

How to Write An Essay On – “My Aim in Life”

This essay is written in the proper format for an essay so that students can learn properly. This essay includes the following topics-

  • Introduction to the essay
  • Various kinds of Aim
  • My Aim in Life
  • Preparation for the Aim
  • Conclusion of the essay


Human life is short. Moreover, one cannot be sure of a second human life, despite the doctrine of rebirth and of the immortality of the soul. Therefore the lite that has been given to us should be lived as meaningfully as possible. But to lead a meaningful life, one must have a definite aim in life. Without such an aim, one might find oneself a lost wanderer in life.

Various Kinds of Aim in Life:

Aims may differ from individual to individual. Some may seek physical comforts in life and some may desire spiritual satisfaction. Some may even choose a path of crime. Those who aim at mere physical comfort may hanker after money and those who want to derive spirituals satisfaction may run after all sorts of ideals. It is certainly undesirable that one should turn out to be a mere worshipper of Mammon, the God of wealth. On the other hand, to live in a Utopia in the name of an ideal also does not make much sense. It is also to be noted that we must always aim high. But again, our ambition should not be unbridled. Unbridled ambition may lead to disaster as Shakespeare has shown in his famous tragedy Macbeth.

My Aim:

In a sense, my aim in life has been determined by my father’s aim. Father chose to be a school teacher in his pursuit of idealism: he even refused the post of a civil servant. The outcome was inevitable poverty in the family. We have not been able to eat and dress well as a result of his idealism. More importantly, my father never had any money to help others. It is this aspect that makes my father occasionally gloomy. He does not mind the poverty of the family, but he is deeply perturbed that he is not in a position to help needy people. That is why, I have decided to make a slight departure from my father’s aim without, however, sacrificing his idealism. I feel that by pursuing a doctor’s profession, I can strike a fine balance between the ideal and the practical. With some luck, I hope to be successful in my medical profession and earn some honest money. I also hope that my income will enable me to spare a portion of it for the hungry and the needy after meeting the needs of my own family. I have always been intensely pained to see that a lot of people have to die of various diseases because of their inability to obtain the services of doctors and buy necessary medicines. To allow people to die in this way is surely a social crime. This is the most important reason why I want to be a doctor in the future. And what can be more satisfying than the thought that one has given one’s best to help alleviate the sufferings of people? It is in this way that I hope to live a meaningful life in this world.

Preparation For The Aim:

‘World’-the very word is like a hammer to strike me back to reality. The world is a difficult place to live in and I am now only a school student with a long way to go.

There may be many a slip between the cup and the lip. While I am fully aware of the uncertainties of this world, I am making my own plans so that I can achieve my aim in life in the future. Admission to a Medical college is reparation for the aim, not an easy proposition these days. Only the cream of the students succeeds in securing places in Medical colleges. To rise to the occasion, I have been studying hard during the last two years. If nothing untoward happens, I hope to secure a high first division in the H.S.L.C. examination and repeat my performance in the H. S. L. C. examination. This should enable me to enter a Medical college and, ultimately, the medical profession.


It is said that man proposes and God disposes of it. I do not know what is there in store for me in the future. God will dispose of it. But being a man, it is my duty to propose. And my proposal is to be a dedicated physician in the service of humanity.

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