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An Essay on “The Ant” in 500 Words for Students

Essay writing on animals is very common everywhere. Essays on Cow, Elephant, etc., are major topics for this section. But sometimes a very uncommon topic may come during the examination in essay writing. So, here is an essay on “The Ant” in 500 words for students. From this blog, you will learn to write an essay on the Ant very easily. You will be able to score good marks in essay writing.

An Essay on "The Ant" in 500 words for students

Essay On The Topic – The Ant in 500 Words

We follow the proper method of essay writing while writing an essay. This essay on the Ants includes the following subtopics.

  • Introduction to the essay on the Ants
  • Physical Features of Ant
  • Other Features of Ant
  • Conclusion of the essay


Ants are tiny interesting insects. Over, 3,500 kinds of ants have been named and studied in different parts of the world. They are found almost everywhere, in many different climates, indoors and out, underground and overground.

Physical Features of Ant:

All ants have similar features, although they may vary in size. They may be as small as 1/16 of an inch or as long as 2 inches. The head and upper parts of the body are connected by a slender neck-like part. There is also a very thin thread-like waist between the upper part and the stomach. The head carries a pair of long feelers. These feelers guide the ant in its movements and serve as organs of smell. The feelers also help it to find other ants and communicate with them. Ants may be black, white, brown, or red.

Other Features of The Ant:

Ants live in colonies of varying strength. The colonies may consist of several hundred thousand members or of just ten to twelve individuals. They may build their homes entirely underground, or in wood, or in a high mound, or even inside a fruit. They can build galleries and chambers in their colonies. Some ants can build long tunnels with earthen roofs. Every ant colony has one or more queens. She stays in one of the chambers. Her purpose is to give birth to more and more ants and thus multiply the population of the colony. The queens are larger than the other ants. They are taken care of by the worker ants. Workers bathe and brush and feed them and carry their eggs away to suitable places. The worker ants are all female, but they do not lay eggs. They build their homes, gather, and store food. Some ants serve as defense forces. They guard their homes and fight intruders. Most ants enjoy honeydew. They also feed on many kinds of seeds, dead animals, and fruit. A type of ant that has a special diet is the army ant. It eats living things. The driver ant of Africa is one of these. Driver ants go out in armies of many thousands. They kill and eat everything in their way. Large things run from them. But anything that cannot run is killed and eaten-from a fly to a wounded lion or a crocodile.


Ants do more harm than good to man. They damage houses built with wood or bamboo. They can destroy seeds and plants. Some ants even eat up books But we have a lot to learn from these tiny creatures. For the spirit of co-operation, unity, dutifulness, and, above all, for their hard-working nature, ants have hardly any equals in the world of living things.

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