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A Visit To A Zoo -Easy Essay in 500 Words

When there is a plan for an excursion, the first that comes in our mind is a zoo. Everybody wants to do a visit to a zoo once in his life. The that comes while visiting a zoo is totally different from the others. In school, essay writing on a favorite visit as an essay topic is common everywhere. A visit to a zoo is one of them. You can write an essay on this if you are given to write an essay based on your favorite experience on a visit to a place. Here is 500 words essay on A Visit To A Zoo for students in English.

A Visit To A Zoo -Easy Essay in 500 Words

Easy Essay On A Visit To A Place – A Visit To A Zoo

If you are given to write an essay on a visit to a place, you can write this essay on a visit to a zoo. Also, this essay will be also helpful to write an essay on a favorite experience. This essay is written in the proper format of essay writing so that students can get the maximum marks in their examination. The following essay includes the following subheading –

  • Introduction to the essay
  • The occasion of the visit to the zoo
  • Description of the zoo
  • What I liked the most in the zoo
  • Conclusion of the essay



A visit to a zoo is always an exciting experience. The animals kept in a zoo may not be as glorious as when they are in their natural wild state. But even in their captivity, they remain extremely interesting because of their diverse physical features and habits. Thus, apes, porcupines, tigers, giraffes, leopards, lions, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, cobras, pythons, etc. are all found attractive in their own ways.

Occasion Of The Visit:

There is no zoo in the town in which I live. I had an opportunity to visit the zoo in Guwahati during the last Puja holidays. A students’ excursion was arranged by the students’ union of our school. Guwahati was included in the itinerary of the excursion. We arrived at Guwahati on a Saturday evening. The first thing we did the next morning was to visit the zoo.

Description Of The Zoo:

The bus carrying us stopped outside the entrance to the zoo. We bought our tickets from the counter and soon found ourselves inside the zoo. Immediately, some of our friends started running towards the children’s park near the entrance. But the teacher leading the excursion asked them to turn back and follow him. Half a minute’s walk to the left brought us face-to-face with two gigantic hippopotamuses and two smaller ones, all wallowing in muddy water. They are ugly creatures with very small eyes and very big mouths, but nevertheless very interesting.

For the next two hours, we kept on moving from enclosure to enclosure and enjoyed the thrilling world of animals, birds, and reptiles. It is difficult to give here a complete list of all the creatures we saw in the zoo. But mention must be made of the colorful peacock and the cap-headed horn-bill among the birds, the big sun-bathing crocodile and the massive pythons among the reptiles, and the tigers, the leopards, the bears, the lions, the black panthers, the hyenas, the giraffes, the zebras, the rhinoceroses, the large herd of deer and the various kinds of apes among the animals. We were greatly impressed by the majesty and beauty of this tiger particularly that of the white tiger. Quite a good number of the tigers in the Zoo were man-eaters. The playfulness of the bears and monkeys delighted us all.

What I Liked The Most in The Zoo:

However, the creatures that interested me most were the giraffes and the chimpanzee. It is difficult to believe that a living creature could be as tall as a giraffe and that the neck of an animal could be as long. The giraffes indeed are a glorious sight. And the chimpanzee, though ugly, entertained us thoroughly with its man-like ways. It begged, frowned, and even threw stones at the spectators. No wonder, it drew the biggest crowd in the zoo.


By the time we said goodbye to our friend, the chimpanzee, we were all tired and hungry. We retired to Conclusion the restaurant inside the zoo and left it after a light refreshment. That was my first visit to a zoo. I have again visited the Guwahati zoo a couple of times since my first visit. But these visits have not diminished my interest in the zoo. I would like to visit it again whenever the next opportunity comes.

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