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A Journey By Train – 500 Words Essay in English

Learn to write an essay on the experience of a journey by train in more than 500 words. This is a well-written essay on the topic “A Journey By Train” in more than 500 words. You can convert it to your desired word limits. This is just a basic idea of writing an essay on a journey by train. Also, this essay will be specially helpful for the students of SEBA class 10 or 12. This essay is very easy to understand and memorize.

A Journey By Train - 500 Words Essay in English

How to Write an Essay on – A Journey By Train?

You will learn to write the essay on a journey by train after reading the following pre-written essay. Every aspects and incidents that occurs during the journey by train are included here. The following subheadings are given in the essay.

  • Introduction to the essay.
  • Description of the platform of the train station.
  • Struggle we face during a journey by train.
  • Description of boarding the train.
  • About the journey.
  • About an incident that happened during the journey.
  • Conclusion of the Essay.



A few months ago, I made a journey by train. The journey was from Guwahati to Tinsukia. I had booked one sleeping berth a week earlier. So I came to the Guwahati Railway Station, on the day of my journey 15 minutes before the scheduled time. But after my arrival; I came to know that the train would be late by two hours.

The Platform Scene:

I purchased a book and a few magazines from a mobile bookstall. I turned the leaves of a magazine but was disturbed by the constant noise of the vendors. Moreover, the platform was too overcrowded for anyone to read anything. Bed-rolls, trunks, suitcases, baskets, bags of dried fish, wooden boxes, and postal bags were all lying scattered over the entire platform. I took a cup of tea and kept strolling along with the platform. My legs were tiréd and aching.

My Struggle:

The train arrived at 7.15 p.m., two hours and fifteen minutes after the scheduled time. Passengers and porters rushed noisily towards the compartments. People overran one another. Some got hurt and became angry. But quarrels were brief as all were impatient to get into the train. I found out my compartment and looked for the TTE in charge. but I found him missing and the entire compartment full of passengers like chickens in a cage. I ran from here to there and spotted the TTE after about 10 minutes. I told him my story, but, he pleaded entirely helpless. He said that passengers who got into the compartment without reservations would not vacate the seats and berths. I myself pleaded with them but they even refused to open the door.

Boarding The Train:

I cursed myself, cursed the railways and everybody, and hurriedly got into an unreserved compartment with my suitcase and bed-roll. Inside the compartment, it was like a tin packed with sardines. Passengers were sitting, standing. and sleeping in various ridiculous shapes. Even the passages to the lavatories were blocked with luggage. I had to persuade and even quarrel with several people to manage some space for my luggage.

The Journey By Train:

After some time, the train slowly left the platform and I tried to go through a magazine. But it was all in vain because passengers were talking and quarreling so loudly that nobody could hear anybody. Some opened their food packets and started eating. Some haggled with vendors over prices. Two vendors of a particular sweet started quarreling with each other as each other kept lowering his price as a challenge. It was becoming something like an auction market. Many passengers started smoking and some took raw tobacco mixed with lime, known as chukha.

Failing to read anything, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep while standing. After travelling for one hour like that, I found the train coming to a stop at a small station. We then came to know that there was a crossing with a goods train. Tre goods train arrived after about half an hour and our train resumed its journey. Meanwhile, a TTE had got into our compartment and started checking the tickets. Most of the passengers were found to be travelling without tickets. But the TTE let these ticketless travellers free by taking some money from them. Those who could not pay anything were pushed out at the next stoppage. Those refusing to pay such money were fined and charged higher fares.

An Incident During The Journey By Train:

The train now arrived at Chaparmukh and a large number of petty traders with huge bags, bundles, and packets of different articles got into our compartment. We also saw the same thing happening in several other com| apartments. Actually, such articles of trade should be booked in the luggage van. But many TTEs and other railway officials always allow their traders to travel with their goods like this. I got down and took a cup of tea and a cake on the platform. The tea tasted funny and the cake somewhat bitter. The train reached Hojai at midnight. Many passengers were sleeping in whatever way possible. A little after the train’s departure from Hojai, the passengers were awakened by the frightening shriek of a woman; sleeping beside a window. Everybody rushed to her and enquired what had happened. She told crying and trembling with fear that somebody had snatched away from her necklace from outside the train. I pulled the alarm chain. The train stopped, but, it was vain to look for any trace of the robber. It is known that an expert and dangerous gang of robbers regularly operates along the railway line.


After the incident, nobody could even doze for a while, I traveled like that for the whole next day and was completely exhausted when I got down at Tinsukia because though my train was an express train it had stopped at many small and unscheduled stations. Consequently, I arrived at Tinsukia only after 6 P.M.

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