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A Journey By Bus 500+ Words Essay for SEBA

Almost every one of us travels so many times on a bus. Everybody knows how does it feel while traveling on a bus. The experience differs from place to place. So, it is a common topic in school to giving on writing an essay on the experience of a bus journey. Here is an essay on a journey by bus. This essay tells the experience of a journey by bus in a rural area. It will be more for the students of the SEBA board for their examination because it explains the experience of a bus stand in Assam. This essay on the topic “A Journey By Bus” is in more than 500 words.

A Journey By Bus 500+ Words Essay for SEBA

Essay On the Topic – A Journey By Bus for SEBA

This essay is written in the proper format so that students can bring the maximum marks from it. This essay includes the following subheadings.

  • Introduction to the essay
  • About the preparation of bus journey
  • Experience at the bus stand
  • Boarding the bus
  • Explanation on the journey
  • Explanation on an accident
  • Conclusion of the essay



My uncle lives in a village, about fifty kilometers away from my home town. He has been lying ill for about two years now. Last summer, my parents sent me to his house to make inquiries about his health. There is no railway communication to that village. So I had to go by bus.

Preparation for the bus journey:

On the day of my journey, my mother woke me up early in the morning. I quickly took my bath, ate some food, and got ready to go. Mother gave me a packet of food and other articles to take to my uncle’s house. I took leave of our family, hired a rickshaw, and went to the bus stand.

At The Bus Stand:

Arriving at the bus stand, I saw about a hundred motor buses there. Some were about to leave for their destinations. At the bus stand, Some were lying idle. A few were still being repaired. Many conductors and handymen and their touts were crying hoarse to draw passengers of their buses. They were reeling off the names of the destinations of their buses like chanting ‘mantras’. The drivers were now starting and now stopping the engines of their buses but loudly blowing their horns all the time. Vendors of newspapers and magazines, fruits, fried articles, boiled eggs, and fountain pens and combs, and other knick-knacks too were making a great deal of noise. A few people were also quarreling over money. It was a real pandemonium. One could hardly understand what the others were saying.

Boarding The Bus:

At last, I found out my bus and boarded it with great difficulty. There was hardly any room there. Passengers were packed like sardines in a tin and sweating like beasts. The sweat was emitting a pungent smell. Many were treading on one another’s feet. Angry words were freely exchanged. The old ones kept cursing themselves. Babies cried at the top of their voices. All efforts of their mothers to console and pacify them went in vain. However, two jovial-minded middle-aged men often relieved the tension by cracking jokes on the condition of the passengers. All the passengers except one grim woman laughed in the midst of their horrible sufferings.

The Journey:

The handyman of the bus had told me at the time of my boarding it that it would leave after two minutes. But he himself came onto the bus after more than half an hour. Anyway, he now asked the conductor and the driver to leave. The bus started and we felt greatly relieved. The conductor now wriggled his way from passenger to passenger and asked for the fares. Several quarrels took place between him and several passenger’s overpayments of fares. Some claimed that they had already paid their fares. Some others said that they had always been traveling paying lesser fares than the conductor was demanding. One young man was even about to beat the conductor. However, he was pacified by the other passengers.

An Accident:

Suddenly, one of the tires of the bus got punctured and the vehicle came to a dead halt. Some of us got down and kept strolling on the roadside. Some smoked bidis and cigarettes and some other chewed betel nuts. After about half an hour, the driver, the conductor, and the handyman fitted a new tire and the bus resumed its journey. The road was extremely bad and the bus kept jolting all the time. Moreover, it stopped frequently and kept taking more passengers. At one stoppage; a few traders got in with a number of ducks, chickens, and goats. Other passengers objected but the conductor pretended not to listens. After about two hours, the bus stopped at a small rural town. We took tea and snacks and again boarded the bus. A few minutes later, there was heavy rainfall and we got somewhat relieved. But soon the rainwater entered the bus and drenched us all. We went like this till the bus arrived near my uncle’s village. I go down amid the rain with the packet in my hand completely wet.


I looked at my watch and found that the bus ad took nearly five hours to cover fifty kilometers. As there was no rickshaw. I started walking to my uncle’s house.

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