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A Brief Essay On Co-Education in 500+ Words

A brief and easy essay on Co-Education in more than 500 words for school students. This easy is very easy to understand and easy to memorize for the examination. Students will be able to learn how to write an essay on Co-Education from this article. Also, students can adjust the length of this essay to 400, 300, and even 200 words depending on their need. In this essay on co-education, all necessary terms like the importance of co-education, different stages of co-education are briefly explained.

A Brief Essay On Co-Education in 500+ Words

500+ Words Easy Essay on Co-Education for School Students

Before starting our essay on co-education lets have a quick look of our essay, so that you will get the idea of what you are going to learn. The following essay includes these sub topics –

Quick view of the essay on Co-Education: Introduction to the essay – Different stages of co-education – co-education at different places – Women education – Conclusion of the essay


Introduction to Co-Education:

Co-education means the education of boys and girls together in the same institution. Nowadays co-education is prevalent everywhere. However, there was a time when it was taboo. Many people raised their eyebrows over it, particularly in our country. But that was when female education itself was rare. However, today, co-education has become a matter of course.

Co-Education at Different Stages:

It must be frankly admitted that people differ on the question of co-education because it concerns the relation of the Sexes. However, as far as the primary stage is concerned, it is not at all a problem. The reason is that, at this stage, boys and girls are too innocent and ignorant and otherwise busy to bother about sex. In the same way, co-education at the higher level, from college onwards, is also accepted without question because at this stage boys and girls are sufficiently grown-up and mature. They can easily take care of themselves.

But the problem arises mainly concerning the secondary stage. For, during this stage, the boys and girls are at a very crucial period of their life. They are very emotional and unable to judge things correctly. So they may easily go astray. But nobody can say the last word. It is true that sometimes some delicate situations arise as a result of imparting education to boys and girls together. Though the latter is often liable to be carried by emotions responsible and careful teachers may easily tackle such problems.

Moreover, incidents taking place as a result of co-education are only a few and far between. Therefore there is no reason why co-education as a whole should be opposed as a matter of policy. However, local conditions should be taken into consideration before deciding on having co-education in specific places.

Co-Education in Different Kinds of Places:

In the big cities, there is no dearth of students, because large numbers of boys and girls go for education there. Hence money is not a problem there, specially because the citizens their places are generally richer than others. Therefore, the parents or guardians and the members of the public of such places can have separate institutions for boys and girls if they desire. But it is not so in villages and small towns where the number of people who can afford to give education to their children is comparatively small. So, there it is not economically viable or possible to impart education to boys and girls separately.

Female Education:

Some people tend to think that women are basically different from men. They, therefore, advocate that there should be two different types of education for boys on the one hand and girls on the other. According to them, the aim of female education should be to enable girls to take care of the household and the family. So they should be taught only subjects like domestic science and in separate institutions. But this is conservative and outdated thinking.

Though in some aspects, women may be physically weaker than men, both ate equal in almost all aspects. Women are as intelligent and capable as men. They can show their excellence as and when they find proper opportunity. In facts some remarkable women of the world have far surpassed men in several important fields. So we should renounce all thoughts that women should be taught only easier subjects and in separate institutions.


The issue of co-education cannot be considered apart from the society at large. Whatever the society, it is only a part of the wider social phenomena. The existence or otherwise of co-education would be determined by the composition of the society. However, though co-education will always have its opponents, it has come to stay. There is no doubt that it will continue to flourish.

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