500 Words Essay On My Town in Proper Format

Writing an essay on places is not that easy. You will need proper knowledge of everything about that place. Everyone knows about their town. So, writing an essay on the topic “My Town” is very common everywhere. Also, town life is different in every state of India. Here is an Essay on My Town in more than 500 words for school students. After reading this essay thoroughly you will be able to write an essay on your own town or you can just write this essay in your examination. This essay on My Town is very easy to understand and is applicable to any level of students.

500 Words Essay On My Town in Proper Format

Easy Essay on My Town in 500+ Words With Proper Format

Proper format of essay writing is followed while writing this essay on the topic “My Village”. This essay includes the following subtopics-

  • Introduction to the essay
  • The people
  • The institutions in my town
  • Markets etc.
  • Communications
  • Improvement needed in our town
  • Cultural life in our town
  • Conclusion of the essay


I live in a moderate town. It is about two kilometers long and half a kilometer wide. It is situated in the middle of our state. We can easily go to and come from all the important places in the state.

The People in My Town:

About six thousand people live in our town. They belong to many religious and linguistic communities but always live in peace and amity. Every religious community has its own place of worship The people of the town earn their livelihood by various means. Some are lawyers, some professors, some teachers, some doctors, some government officers, some engineers, some businessmen, some laborers and a few are cultivators. As several govt. offices are situated in the town, some people from other places also work in them and live amongst us. Most of the businessmen are also from outside our town. On the other hand, some bright young men and women from our town, too, are working in other places.

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Institutions etc.:

Our town has all the features which are generally found in a town. There are five primary schools, three high schools, one college, one law court, one public library, one town hall, one hospital, one post office, one playhouse, two cinemas, one playground, and one police station in it. Boys and girls from neighboring villages come to read in the schools and the college in our town.

Markets etc.:

We have two daily markets in our town. Articles of food come to these markets mostly from the surrounding villages. The markets and the innumerable shops supply all the necessary articles to the citizens of our town. We hardly have to go outside for anything.

Communication in My Town:

The communication to and from our town is also very good. The railway line runs through it and the station is right in the middle of it. State Transport buses run regularly between several places in our town. Private buses also ply on various routes. Moreover, private matador vans, cars; auto-rickshaws, and rickshaws are also easily available. Electricity and water supply are also good. However, the poor cannot avail of all these facilities.

Cultural Life in My Town:

Our town has produced several important public men in various fields like art, literature, education, politics, law, medicine, engineering, etc. As such, people have an artistic and cultural background and tradition. They are hospitable to outsiders and the latter always praise them for their polished and cultured behavior. The people are also enthusiastic about staging plays and organizing musical and cultural functions.

Further Improvements:

Though our town has many modern amenities, there is still a lot of scope for further development. For example, even the primary facility of the good drainage system is badly lacking in the town. Consequently, mosquitoes have become a menace to the citizens. A moderate shower causes a big flood and many roads immediately go underwater.


Though I desire more improvement in our town and other ones. I also strongly feel that everyone concerned should take steps for equal development of the villages. Our country cannot prosper if the villages always remain backward, because the vast majority of Indians live in the villages.

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